International Christian and Interdenominational association of the XXI century

International Christian Interdenominational Movement (IICM) of the XXI century was founded in Russia with its headquarter in Moscow in 2006 and aims its activities at a comprehensive promotion of international cooperation with Christians of different denominations.

In our turbulent times, when centers of international terrorism and violence are rising throughout the globe, the mission of Christians is a demonstration of God's love and unity.

"That they may all be one; even as thou Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me" (John 17:21).

ICIM of the XXI century is willing to cooperate with Christians of different denominations and give an example of respect and brotherly love, which may and must be present between the disciples of Christ.

IICM of the XXI century aims at unity of Christians in prayer, at spiritual, educational, creative and cultural ministry, the ministry of mercy and at revival of Christianity both in Russia and in other countries.

The Christians of Russia, CIS countries, Germany, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Israel, South Korea, China, South Africa, the United States, Argentina, Brazil and other countries have actively supported the idea of IICM of the XXI century.

International organizations promote activities of ICIM of the XXI century, such as: an international Fund "Spiritual Diplomacy" that has representatives in more than forty-seven countries, Catholic "Focolare Movement" having representatives in more than one hundred and forty countries and a Charitable Foundation "Ewen -Ezer " with its offices in more than forty countries, the fund "Other Europe", an international non-profit partnership "Integra".

Many religious and community organizations have expressed willingness to cooperate with ICIM of the XXI century to achieve common goals and Christian ideals. ICIM of the XXI century in its activity rests on a wide network of representative offices and branches both in Russia and in other countries. If you want to provide financial, informational, organizational or other support for ICIM of the XXI century we ask you to contact the secretariat by calling at:                                                                 

 +7 926 660 0572.



International Christian interdenominational association of the spiritual development of an individual  helps to advise people who find themselves in difficult situations.

(The Association operates in 23 Russian regions and in 18 countries of the CIS and far abroad.)

Consultations of church ministers on matters related with the sufferings of a human soul.

Dear friends! In this age of vanity and pursuit for material wealth people have forgotten about the existence of the soul which is in each of us. But it is suffering and the pain can be sometimes very hard. Here are some examples: anger at the whole world, no joy in daily life, nightmares and various fears, hopelessness, emptiness, irritation, inner anguish and much more. As a rule, at the same time a person experiences a variety of physical sufferings. It’s good if a person goes to a neurologist or a psychotherapist. Such a patient is generally prescribed any sedative or antidepressant. A good specialist can advise also a psychotherapy. Such a treatment is effective, but partly. The matter is that many problems are related neither to a human body, nor to his mind but to his spirit. That means the problem is not mental, it is spiritual. And then a completely different approach is required. Whom should a person apply to, who is quite good at this issue, who can really help? Of course, this is a church leader. Due to his ministry he has understanding and knowledge of spiritual matters. A church leader knows what to advise and how to help that person.

Usually we use such methods as - a confession, a prayer for health with anointing with a holy oil, a prayer for healing. But one of the most important way is a conversation aimed at explaining to people the very essence of spiritual problems.

You can make an appointment for counseling by calling at

       +7 926 660 0572.   

Consultations of the psychologist

If you find yourself in difficult situations in your life, and you find it difficult to cope with it alone, then in our center you can find understanding and support, and a highly qualified professional psychological aid by specialists.

Our experts will help you in different directions:

- If you are experiencing anxiety or permanent excitement, are susceptible to depression, anxiety, fear and such other negative states.

- If you feel uncomfortable in society, and you are overwhelmed by complex, difficulties in communicating with people, in finding a job…

- Interpersonal relationships at any level, whether it be relations with family members (children, parents), the relationship between a husband and a wife or just a loved one, have become difficult to be solved for you and ruin your life and lead to a breakdown of mood ...

- You have experienced a psychological trauma or a severe loss and your psychological state requires correction… And you can solve a number of other issues originating in the field of psychology by referring to our center.

Many people experience a familiar state when literally you are discouraged and it seems there is no way out of the prevailing circumstances. The main task of the psychologist is providing assistance and support to people in overcoming the difficulties encountered on the path of life, the rejection of stereotypical thinking, the ability of adequate estimation concerning themselves and the world, the ability to solve the problem independently.

Usually people have their own hairdresser, doctor, dentist .... No less important is to find a psychologist for yourself! After all, if other specialists treat the body, the psychologist takes care of the most important aspect- of the human soul! It is therefore important to choose the right psychologist for yourself. Especially YOUR OWN psychologist, as a man needs to know and understand not only his physical but also his mental, spiritual needs and he should be able to go out with dignity from his various difficult life situations. – Just an experienced psychologist can help him with all these problems.

Apply for a consultation, please call.  +7 926 660 0572.    

The Association carries out its activities thanks to voluntary donations.